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Pathology Microscope

Analysis of specimens for Pathology sometimes requires long hour working with a microscope.

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Pathological Microscope

viewing head binocular head with eyetubes inclined at 30 interpupillary

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Stero Microscope

Olympus is a leading manufacturer of optical and digital microscopes for medicine, science, and industry. We offer a range of systems from microscopes for training and routine tasks to advanced imaging systems used to solve some of the most challenging life science and industrial applications.

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Binoculer Research Microscope › sites › stma Microscopy 101 The use of a microscope can be fascinating or in some cases frustrating if you have lim-ited experience with microscopy. Ideally, if you wish to become proficient at identifying turf diseases, it’s best to have a dissecting microscope (6-40X) and a compound mi-croscope (40-400X). Each microscope